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Thanksgiving Cookies

These following selections are perfect for-

  • Adding to your Thanksgiving dessert table
  • Sending to your clients to THANK them for their business/support
  • Sending to family and friends to let them know you are thinking of them

Classic American Tray: The perfect combination of Fall favorites.
Chocolate chip, oatmeal, molasses, leaf cut out w/glaze and sprinkles, peanut butter, Fall M&M, caramel pretzel or pecan. Topped off with chocolates and candy.

Small: $35.99
Medium: $67.99
Large: $97.99


Italian Cookie Tray: You receive an assortment of melt in your mouth butter cookies, chocolate meatballs with toasted walnuts, Vanilla/Almond meatball with orange tinted glaze.

Small: $39.99
Medium: $65.99
Large: $93.99


Mini Gourmet Tray: If you like a smaller bite cookie (similar size to an Italian cookie) in a variety of flavors this may be for you. Receive a sampling of raspberry jelly thumb prints dusted with confectioners sugar, cranberry orange white chocolate, caramel pretzel or pecan, chocolate and peanut butter chip.

Small: $28.99
Medium: $47.99
Large: $66.99


Cut Out Cookie Trays: A combination of decorated pumpkin and leaf shaped cookies along with cut outs topped with a vanilla glaze and Fall sprinkles.

Small: $42.99
Medium: $64.99
Large: $89.99


The Ultimate: Can’t decide? Then get them all. A tray like no other. Receive a delicious assortment of Classic American, Italian, Mini Gourmet, and Cut Outs.

Small: $46.99
Medium: $72.99
Large: $96.99


Cookie Boxes: An assortment of Fall Classic American cookies individually wrapped and arranged in a Fall tissue paper lined box with lid, bow, card, chocolates and candy

Small: $22.99
Medium: $58.99
Large: $91.99


Cookie Baskets: An assortment of Fall Classic American cookies individually wrapped and arranged in a basket/container. Cellophane wrapped and tied with a bow, card, chocolates and candy.

Small: $ 27.99
Medium: $59.99
Large: $95.99


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