Italian Cookie Trays...
Fresh. Homemade. All natural. Old fashioned goodness.

Elegant and oh so good.

Forget the cake and move right to the cookies. But if the cake is a must accompany it with these elegant and oh so good cookies only from Terri Ann's.

Old Fashioned Italian Cookie Trays. Recipes handed down three generations. Old family favorites. Just the smell and the taste bring me back in time to my mom's and my grandma's kitchen. Terri Ann's cookies are the perfect compliment to any Wedding, Graduation, Bridal/Baby Shower, Holiday, Personal or Corporate entertaining.

Don't plan your next event without them!

Italian White Meatball

Italian Chocolate Meatball

Almond Macaroons

Coconut Macaroons


Vanilla or Chocolate Shells

Shells with Raspberry dipped in Chocolate

Vanilla or Chocolate Cut Outs

Biscotti: Hazelnut, Almond, Plain, Chocolate, Cranberry Orange

Butter Cookies in assorted styles



Receive an assortment of butter cookies, chocolate meatball cookies, white meatball cookies, and chocolate raspberry twinkles arranged on a tray.

10 to 15 people  $27.95   50 cookies    
20 people          $37.95   75 cookies
30 people          $48.95 100 cookies
40 people          $69.95 150 cookies
50 people          $79.95 175 cookies

Receive all the cookies listed above plus neapolitans and almond/coconut macaroons arranged on a tray.

75 people          $109   250 cookies
100 people       $149   350 cookies 
125 people       $193   450 cookies
150 people       $233   550 cookies





Bulk Pricing:

Cookies by the pound or dozen in a bakery box.

Butter                                     $9.99 pound
White Meatball                         $10.99 pound
Chocolate Meatball                   $10.99 pound
Chocolate Raspberry Twinkles $12.99 pound
Almond Macaroons                 $12.99 pound
Coconut Macaroons                $12.99 pound
Neapolitan                               $12.99 pound





Cut Out Cookies
Variety of shapes to choose from Ė white icing with sprinkles.                        $8.99 dozen

Decorated Cut Out Cookies      $9.99+ dozen

Chocolate chunk, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, m&m, white chocolate macadamia nut, sugar cookie with sprinkles.               $8.99 dozen





Cookie Favors
Perfect for any occasion. Cut out cookie on a stick. Each one perfectly iced, decorated and wrapped. Variety of shapes to choose from. $2.25+ each




Add on: Cut Outs of your choice, Neapolitans or Biscotti. Call for minimum order and pricing.

Give the Gift of Good Taste.

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